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❤ 夢物語 ❤

About a dream coming true ♪

18 August
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Hello mum, dad, sis, bro, grandma, friends, schoolmates & strangers!

This is our 夢物語 -yumemonogatari- !
Our report about our dream coming true ♥
From the 18th August till the 18th September 2010.

We will post in here about our adventures, experiences and thoughts during our trip to Japan.
We will visit Tokyo, Kyoto, Chiba and Nikko, go to a lot of concerts, take a lot of pictures and meet some lovely friends!

So stay tuned & read & comment ☆


Kimi, Chris, Roschi & Roxi ヽ(⌒‿‿⌒)シ♡

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